Buyers- Brokers Agreement

Buyers- Brokers Agreement

The recent $418 million settlement involving the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is poised to significantly impact the real estate market, particularly in how commissions are handled. Here's what this means for homebuyers and why using a buyer's agent is important.

Impact of the NAR Settlement on Homebuyers

1. Commission Negotiation: Traditionally, home sellers paid commissions to both their agent and the buyer’s agent, which was included in the overall cost of the house. The settlement now allows buyers to negotiate their agent’s fees directly. This change could lower sellers' costs but might introduce additional costs for buyers who will now need to account for their agent’s fees separately.

2. Transparency and Competition: The settlement is expected to increase transparency in the home-buying process. Buyers will have clearer information about agent fees and can shop around for better rates, fostering a more competitive market. This could drive down overall commission rates over time.

3. Challenges for First-Time Buyers: With the shift in who pays the buyer's agent, first-time homebuyers might face more complexity and upfront costs. It’s crucial for these buyers to work closely with their agents to understand and negotiate these new dynamics.

Importance of Using a Buyer’s Agent

1. Expert Guidance: A buyer's agent provides expertise and guidance through the complex process of purchasing a home. They help in identifying properties, negotiating prices, and navigating the legal aspects of the transaction.

2. Market Knowledge: Agents have extensive knowledge of the local market conditions, which can be invaluable in finding the right property at the right price. For areas like Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice, and Pacific Palisades, this local expertise is critical.

3. Negotiation Skills: With the new settlement allowing more room for negotiation on commissions, having an experienced agent can be a significant advantage. They can help negotiate not only the purchase price but also their own fees, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Kelley/Westbrook Group's Thoughts

The Kelley/Westbrook Group recognizes the importance of these changes and is committed to helping buyers navigate this new landscape. They emphasize the value of having a dedicated buyer’s agent to ensure that buyers are well-represented and informed throughout their home-buying journey. Given the complexities introduced by the settlement, their expertise can provide critical support and negotiation power for buyers in the competitive Los Angeles market.

For more detailed advice and assistance, buyers are encouraged to contact Jocelyn Kelley at (310) 963-2524 or Hays Westbrook at (508) 901-1202. You can also visit their website at (

This comprehensive approach ensures that buyers are not only aware of the changes but also well-prepared to handle them effectively.

Buyers- Brokers Agreement


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